Professional Development
We deploy tools which enable you to design and create new and effective solutions to challenges.

Student, teacher, parent and community member interviews.

Profiles and character composites.

Student, teacher, parent, and community member journeys maps.

Service blueprints.

We offer workshops and master classes.

Bring us in for a workshop, like our introduction to design thinking. Or consider our, creative design workshops which move your project from concept to a vision of reality, or book an understand workshop to create a shared definition of a problem or opportunity.

Master classes are two to three-day events held regionally focusing on micro-credentialing for each of the following: early care and learning professionals, P-12 teachers and leaders, or postsecondary leaders

Do you want to make design thinking a way of working? We’ll help you succeed at that.

We’re your coach, cheerleader, validator, and friend, standing by to ensure you’re prepared to undertake design thinking as a change strategy. We mitigate the risks which stall momentum in your work and help you create change in your culture.

Look to us for support such as kickoff training in design thinking for key participants, help to set your vision for innovation, ongoing check-ins with us on implementation design thinking with fidelity, or as a second set of eyes on the overall process.